Club Policies & Guidelines


U.S.1 Fitness Center of North Miami Beach strives to be different than the masses with one of the friendliest and most helpful staffs around. Unlike other fitness clubs, we keep our facility clean and organized. If you see anything out of place or have a suggestion to make U.S.1 even better, please stop by our front desk or use our contact form.

  • Present your membership card at the front desk each and every time that you enter the gym.
  • Observe the TOWEL POLICY…ALWAYS BRING ONE (Each member must have their own towel.)
  • In the free weight area, weights or selectorized equipment must not be dropped or slammed together. This is for your safety and to keep the equipment in good condition.
  • There are no bags allowed on the gym floor. Please keep all belongings in the locker rooms.
  • Lockers are not to be used for overnight storage.
  • Weights must be returned to their proper places.
  • NO foul language, yelling or altercations of any kind.
  • NO jeans, boots, sandals or street wear. Proper gym attire is required.
  • Only water is allowed on the gym floor.
  • Cell phones: Please be sure to silence your cell phones while participating in our classes. It is disturbing to our other members.
  • The gym staff may remind you of these guidelines, as well as other rules in the gym, and ask for your cooperation at any time. Please remember that our staff deserves to be treated with the same courtesy and respect that you expect. There is no place in this gym for anger, disrespect or confrontations at any time!